5.31.05        Added new links. Be sure to check out the L Word Library for some fanfiction,

                   And relive Kate's "Young American" days with Jahammerism. And just a note:

                   I am not Katherine Moennig - I'm just a fan. Please don't send me email asking

                   why I'm such a hot actress.


11.3.04        For those getting antsy for some L Word: the DVDs will be out Nov. 9, and the

                   new season will begin Sunday, February 20. You can order the DVDs online

                   (see the banner at the bottom).

                   I've also added some links and corrected a few minor things on the Katherine

                   and Shane pages.


8.16.04       TV Alert: USA will be airing Kate's episode of Law & Order: SVU ("Fallacy")

                  on Saturday,  August 21. Check your local listings for times.


8.15.04       Shane is the Bane of My Existence website--a new and improved version 2.0, mind

                  you--has moved to


                  New stuff:     Media section with Katherine Moennig article archive

                                     "Shane is the Bane of My Existence" poem

                                     Updated links


7.14.04      TV Alert: Kate's episode of Law & Order: SVU ("Fallacy") will be on tonight on USA

                 at 8pm and 11pm Pacific. Check your local listings for your exact times.

7.11.04      Update: Creative Section now up. Added two wallpapers.

7.02.04      You can see pictures of Katherine (and Amanda Moore) at the Calvin Klein post show

                 dinner at this site: Patrick McMullan gallery

6.30.04      Update: Added Entertainment Weekly article featuring Katherine

6.27.04      Update: Added an episode recap of part 1 of the pilot.

6.21.04      Update: Shane is the Bane of My Existence website started.