Katherine Moennig Fansite
Nice layout. Informative. Good all-around site for everything Kate.

Katherine Moennig Net
On temporary hiatus. Says it will be back by the end of the summer. The forum is still open.

Foxy Lady
Good site for Kate media. Has galleries, downloads (desktops, screensavers, hotbar skins, etc.) and articles.

The Official Katherine Moennig Site

Jahammerism Online
A site dedicated to Young Americans

Katherine Moennig Fan Art and Info

The Stud: The Official Shane McCutcheon Fanlisting

Androgynous Appeal: Katherine Moennig Fanlisting

Girlfriends: The Shane and Alice Fanlisting


Good site for articles. Also be sure to check out Scribe Grrrl's funny L Word recaps.

The L Word Online
The site for everything L Word. Very informative. Updates frequently.

TV Tome: The L Word

The L Word Lexicon
A dictionary of terms (and non-terms) used on The L Word

Crispy Soup Chef
The place for screencaps.

Official Showtime site

The L Word Transcripts

Contemptously Sardonic
An L Word recap site.

The L Web

The L Word Meetup

The Planet Cafe
Good site for L Word audio and video.

The L Word Fan Site
Offers video downloads. A fansite for The L Word

Stephanie's L Word Place

Bronze Ambition
Not really an L Word site, but hosts several L Word music videos. I recommend "Tonight's the Night," a very good Shane video.

Gargy and Wolfy's Tail Waggin' FOREVER Hang-Out on the Web!


The Love Word

The L Word - French Site

The L Word UK

An L Word Link Site



The L Word Fanfiction Archive

The Shane McCutcheon Fanfiction Archive
Let's get an L Word section on this site, people.

The L Word Library
The place to read the L Word fanfiction.



Media Blvd Forums
One of the best and most active forums for The L Word.

Television Without Pity Boards
Fun site, lots of snark.

Yahoo Groups: The L Word

Yahoo Groups: Straight Girls Love The L Word



The Late Night TV Page

Lists the guests appearing on talk shows each week. Maybe one day Kate will be on. 



My fanfiction at The Harsh Reality of File Folder Confessionals (Alias)
                                            A Syd/Vaughn romantic dramedy
The Safe House
A great Michael Vartan site. Also great for Vartan and/or Alias news. Updates frequently.

I just love the Alias digital art on this site.



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