Name:  Shane McCutcheon

Age:  25 (as of season one)

Birth place:  unknown

Resides:  West Hollywood, California

Living situation:  shares a room with four roommates

Occupation:  hairstylist at Lather Salon; did Pink's mohawk for a music video; did Madonna's 
                       hair. Other big clients include Cherie Jaffe

Marital Status:  single (she currently "doesn't do relationships")

Personality:  laid-back and carefree. Possibly hides a sensitive, vulnerable side underneath her
                       tough exterior.

parents were never around during childhood; has met mother once; has an uncle in rehab

Sexual Orientation:
gay (according to Dana, Shane has never been with a guy)

Sexual History:
has been with around 950 to 1200 people since age 14. Shane is the resident
                        heartthrob. She has a "crazy matrix" on Alice's chart, second only to a porn star.

Lamentable lapse in judgment (?):
had "a moment" with Alice's mom Lenore. French kissed Lenore before leaving Bette and Tina's house. But was on the receiving end, as Lenore "got funky" with her.              

Coming out:
when she was 8 years old, she had a thing for a cute blonde who lived across the  street. She took Shane's sunshine meal toy, then she took her heart. (Thanks to Aphrodite K for age info.)

:  shady; used to turn tricks with her friend Clive on Santa Monica; passed herself off as
          "some little street fag"; was/is involved with drugs

hanging out with her friends at the Planet Cafe (owned by friend Marina Ferrer),
                   playing pool

girls, espresso, leather, dark eye makeup

Fashion sense
:  androgynous look; messy. According to Dana, everything about the way
                           Shane dresses, "like, screams dyke."
                           According to Katherine Moennig, Shane is "meant to look
                           thrown together, just out of bed with no care.... Shane is definitely the
                           slumlord of the group." Shane's first season style was "Keith and Mick, late
                           60s, and a little Iggy Pop." She wore a lot of leather. And tight-ass jeans. And
                           clunky-ass boots.
                           Shane's second season style will be more like the Strokes meet Patti Smith.
                           According to stylist Ilaria Urbinati, Shane will be more "village hipster with a
                           preppy edge. So ripped jeans mixed with preppy sweater vest and a studded
                           belt and Converse sneakers." (Entertainment Weekly #771/772)

:  had an obsessed stalker named Lacey, who made flyers and banners warning the
               world about Shane's "four F's." Eventually solved the problem by sleeping with Lacey
               one more time.

Shane-speak vocabulary:
likes to use the words "beast" and "tit" as adjectives. Believes jail is "wack." Thinks Alice's hetero-sexcapades are "wicked hot" (sarcasm?).

What Shane is really looking for in life
:  remains to be seen.

* Shane info was gathered from various L Word episodes, unless indicated otherwise.