Name:  Katherine Sian Moennig

Name pronunciation
:  "Meh-nig," according to Katherine herself on a radio interview (Loveline). (Thanks to Hannah.)

Birth date
:  December 29, 1976

Sign:  Capricorn

Birthplace:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Residence:  Los Angeles

Height:  5’8’’

Eye color:  green

Hair color:  dark brown

Hair style:  Always funky, always fresh. Was short for “Young Americans.” Was stringy and greasy and messy and tousled for season one of “The L Word.” Kate currently rocks a faux mohawk, with longer locks of hair falling in front.

Occupation:  model, actress

Current acting gig:  Shane on “The L word”

Acting start:  did children’s theater in Philadelphia with a friend; first stage appearance was in a Children’s theatre production of “Winnie the Pooh” at age 10.

Other career paths:  at 9 years old, wanted to be a doorman; then wanted to be an FBI agent, then a marine biologist. Realistically, “I’d probably be graduating from some state school I hated and not really know what I was going to do.”

Work ethic:  “I don’t have a very good work ethic when I couldn’t care less about what I’m doing.” The longest she’s held a “regular job” is ten days.

Marital status:  single

Sexual orientation:  straight, gay, bi—only Kate really knows. Has said in past interviews that she’s not gay. But people find this topic up for debate, and speculate both ways.

Family:  mom was a Broadway dancer; father was violin maker William Moennig; aunt is Blythe Danner, and cousin is Gwyneth Paltrow (and second cousin is Apple Martin).

Education:  St. Mary's Interparochial School in Philadelphia; didn’t attend university; studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

Tattoo:  an outline of a violin on her lower back; also has the letter "K" on the inside of her left wrist (thanks to Aphrodite K for this info).

Personality:  she says she’s “just as laid back as Shane.”

Childhood:  was a tomboy; spent free time climbing trees and skateboarding with her friends in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. All her friends were guys.

Spare time:  she likes to “find different ways to be creative”; has an amazing group of friends who she spends “an obscene amount of time with” and who she “loves to pieces.”

What makes her happy:  Friends, love, food, life, and music.

Hairdressing skills:  she has very little.

Favorite actresses:  Patricia Clarkson, Lili Taylor, Martha Plimpton, Frances McDormand

Actors she admires most:  Sean Penn and Faye Dunaway

Best advice she’s gotten:  “Stay true to yourself, and the worst anyone can say is ‘no,’ so don’t give up.”

Idea of a romantic date:  “Being comfortable. And laughing. And being honest.”

Choice of acting roles:  she has a proclivity to play gender-bending, sexually ambiguous parts. She says she likes roles that “are not normal, everyday lives.” “I don’t enjoy romantic comedies—they’re not for me.”

Feelings on being a lesbian icon:   “That wouldn’t be a terrible thing,” she says. “That’s why I want to do this, to have people respond to it, to be affected by it. That makes me feel like I’ve done my job.”

Pets:  a Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix named Floyd

Favorite fashion designer:  likes a lot of “little unknowns”; but loves Henry Duarte and Christine Ganeaux.

Music:  likes MC Solaar (French rapper) and the “Gone in 60 Seconds” soundtrack (a mix of rap and techno); and the bands Phoenix and Luna. (Thanks to Kathie for this info.)

Can’t live without:  friends and family

Dream vacation
:  complete relaxation

Favorite book:  she really liked Alex Garland’s The Beach. “It was brilliant.”

Would like to guest star on:  “The Sopranos”

Dream role: playing Patti Smith

Her advice for aspiring actresses:  “Know your craft and never take no for an answer from anybody.”





Actress Filmography

Invitation to a Suicide (2004) (post-production) .... Eva

"L Word, The" (2004) TV Series .... Shane McCutcheon

Shipping News, The (2001) .... Grace Moosup
... aka Noeuds et dénouements (2001) (Canada: French title)

Love the Hard Way (2001) .... Debbie

Slo-Mo (2001) .... Raven

"Young Americans" (2000) TV Series .... Jacqueline 'Jake' Pratt

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999) playing "Cheryl Avery" in episode: "Fallacy" (episode     # 4.21) 18 April 2003

"Law & Order" (1990) playing "Melissa Cobin" in episode: "For Love or Money" (episode # 12.3)     10 October 2001

TV commercial for Fleet Bank

"Is Anybody Home?" music video for Our Lady Peace

Stage Performances

Williamstown Theatre Festival

As You Like It .... Charles Retinue

Comedy of Art .... Isabella

The Theory of Total Blame .... Irene

Morning in the City

Broken Chair Theatre Company

Nolan .... Karen

Love Letters .... Melissa

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

The Shadow Box .... Felicity

The Murder of Lidice .... Byeta

A Late Show .... Pat

Two Gentlemen of Verona .... Lucetta

Burn This .... Anna

Alone at the Beach .... Chris

Lovers .... Maggie

Anna K .... Anna