How did you go about preparing for your role on the L Word?
I kind of just went by instinct in regards to the character. I put myself in her shoes to see how I would handle the situations.

Do you ever find it difficult getting into character or into particular scenes?
Yes, when it comes to cutting hair. I get a massive tutorial on that to do it properly.

What is your average day on the set like? When does it start, end and what usually happens?
Our days vary depending on the workload. It usually starts pretty early but it's painless because I love who I work with. We spend our time laughing.

Do you see any similarities between you and your character?
Yes, but I don't want to name them all.

How did you hear about this role and "The L Word?"
It was just like any other role: got a call, read the script. Read for it in New York and tested in Los Angeles.

If we were to walk into your trailer right now what would we see?
Me lying on the couch watching a movie.

Any funny "behind the scenes" stories from the set?
They are countless at this point. Everyday there is something funny.