Hard to believe three years+ have come and gone since Katherine won our annual worldwide HottieBottie Babe Poll in the bicentennial year 2000. At the time Katherine's WB summer TV series "Young Americans," where she starred as cross dressing Rawley Academy student Jacqueline 'Jake' Pratt, was in full swing and her popularity was on the rise. Even today, three years after it's cancellation you can still find pockets of loyal internet Young Americans fans clinging to the memories of the, 8 episodes only, series.

Most fans and viewers if familiar with Katherine, at all, are mainly so because of her Y.A. Jake Pratt role. Since Y.A.'s airwaves demise in 2000, Katherine really hasn't been involved in any earth-shattering career projects of note. She's done: 2 guest appearances on "Law & Order" (2001 & 2003) .... "Slo-Mo" a 2001 24 minute short film .... A small extra part, as Grace Moosup, in Lasse Hallstr? excellent 2001 Drama feature, "The Shipping News," which starred Kevin Spacey ... and a fairly decent co-starring role as Debbie, in Peter Sehr's 2001 Drama Crime Romance feature "Love The Hard Way."

This January 2004 lovely Katherine will saddle up as Shane McCutcheon and ride her 2nd TV series, Showtime TV's "The L Word," into our living rooms and on to our TV screens. Now I'm not gonna "L"ie to you and tell you the inferred "L" in the series title "The L Word" stands for: Lady, Liberty, Love or Life. The "L," in fact, is inferred to be related to Lesbianism/Lesbian, or what some, even some gays, would consider unmentionable or offensive.

It looks like Showtime TV has come up with a potential big-time winner series in "The L Word." I've watched all the series clips and read all the articles and previews, related to the series, I was able to find. In my opinion, I tell you in simple laymen's terms "Look for this series to be a big hit!" "The L Word" series will also be a career booster not only for Katherine but for also fellow Hottie cast member Mia Kirshner, and the rest of the cast. Quote me later!

If you are a Katherine fan, I trust you're as excited for her and this new series as HB is. ... Oh yeah, before I forget, "Shane and Jake could be friends," or maybe even "The L Word," LOVERS!