Is Kate Moennig Earthlings' QAF Version of Brian? - June 2003


from Lezbeout 

Kate Moennig of Young Americans and The Shipping News is said to have less screen time than the major characters of the new Showtime series, Earthlings (or whatever they are going to call it), but she very well may be the screen stealer in this ground breaking series based on the lives of a group of L.A. lesbians.

The series began filming in March and the premiere has now been delayed until December 2003 (editor's note: January 2004). Merry Christmas sisters!

It is not surprising that Rose Troche is directing and Guin Turner is writing for the new series as both are out lesbian filmmakers and collaborated on the lesbian Indie, “Go Fish”. This is the first time the two have worked together since “Go Fish” which catapulted their careers.

What is surprising is the on-line buzz about Kate Moennig’s character Shane. While she has a smaller role than the rest of the group and is barely mentioned in the credits, she is the topic of discussion in most Earthling message boards. The fans are already going crazy over her and the series isn’t even out yet.

Kate’s character, Shane is said to be the “Stud, who gets all the girls” , including a model in a sexy pool scene. Kate herself states that Shane is "the perfect embodiment of super-sexy, sultry androgyny" and while she is sexual and beds (or pools) many ladies in the series, she is secretly sensitive and longs for something more meaningful. Sound familiar, QAF fans?

Let’s hope that the series does not downplay the sex scenes, as the makers of Earthlings iterate that the new series is very different from QAF. For the simple reason, that lesbians are very different from gay men.

According to Ilene Chaiken, Earthlings co-creator and executive producer, Troche revealed a surprising delicacy when it came to directing the pilot’s steamy sex scenes. “She was so shy,” Chaiken recalls. “It was endearing. The actors were willing to go much further than Rose wanted them to go. They pushed her, but she made sure there was nothing gratuitous.”

That doesn’t mean the sex isn’t good, says cast member Laurel Holloman: “The sex scenes are very powerful because Rose always made us feel really safe.”

As Troche awaits the premiere of Earthlings , she admits she’s nervous because she knows there’s no pleasing the ladies. “I’m happy for the opportunity, but I’m also terrified,” she says. “Not everyone is going to be satisfied. Go Fish , the series, just isn’t going to happen.”

One can only hope that they do the sex scenes are passionate and not Mary Poppins ish. Maybe it would have been a good idea to have Tristan Taoromino, the infamous lesbian sex expert, as an advisor?

Only time will tell, and we are all excited to see the series and how our community will be portrayed!